We are thrilled to introduce our ACGME-accredited sports medicine fellowship program! The SANTI-Sano Fellowship will accept one Sports Medicine Fellow for rotation from August 1, 2024, through July 31, 2025. This unique opportunity offers a comprehensive educational experience, including clinical, operative, and research exposure, alongside onsite care for athletes of all levels. Our program stands out for its international influence, providing fellows with diverse perspectives and extensive research opportunities.

The fellowship is part of the SANTI (Scientific ACL Network International) collaboration, an international group of sports medicine experts that works together academically to perform research and advance the profession of sports medicine to better prevent and treat injuries. The SANTI group includes internationally renowned experts in the field of sports medicine, including Dr. Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet (Lyon, France), Dr. Edoardo Monaco (Rome, Italy), Dr. Camilo Helito Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dr. Matt Daggett (Kansas City) and many others from multiple countries representing 5 continents.


“The SANTI fellowship represents a unique opportunity for young surgeons to learn from thought leaders across the world,” says Professor Edoardo Monaco.

Dr. Bertrand Sonnery Cottet adds, “This international SANTI fellowship presents an extraordinary opportunity for our young colleagues to glean insights from the foremost experts in their field. Engaging with European leaders and exchanging knowledge promises an unparalleled opportunity for learning and career advancement. We are very excited for the commencement of the fellowship!”

Dr. Matt Daggett, Program Director, “We are incredibly excited about this opportunity to educate future sports medicine physicians and also perform world-leading, collaborative research programs to improve the care of our patients. The multi-national experience the fellow will receive will give a great perspective on how to treat active individuals better and get them back doing what they love. We are also excited to collaborate with Kansas City University, a local leader in medical education.”


The fellowship is in partnership with Kansas City University. Sano and KCU have an established relationship as medical students complete clinical rotations with our surgeons and staff every month.

Program Director- Dr. Matt Daggett
Program Coordinator – Brecken Sigg, PA-C, ATC
Core Faculty – Dr. Kevin Witte, Dr. Michael Dempewolf, Dr. Mike McCabe
International Adjunct Faculty- Dr. Bertrand Sonnery Cottet, Dr. Edoardo Monaco

Partnering with Kansas City University, the fellowship aims to cultivate national leaders in sports medicine education, research, and clinical practice. We will use mentorship approach to provide an educational experience focusing on the management of non-operative and operative athletic disorders.

Our entire staff is excited to get this fellowship started. It has been several years in the making and we are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to a fellow. Dr. Dempewolf, core faculty and team physician for Rockhurst University, Blues Rugby Club and Monarchs Baseball team, states, “Welcoming talented young surgeons into the sports medicine fellowship in the SANTI-Sano program fill us with excitement, as each new fellow represents an opportunity to elevate the program’s impact and spark innovation in the field of sports medicine.”

Our Sports Medicine Fellowship is a one-year, ACGME-accredited training program in partnership with KCU. Fellows will rotate with our fellowship-trained sports medicine surgeons and also spend time with other Sano staff, including specialized orthopedic surgeons. The fellow will rotate with Dr. Michael McCabe, a sports medicine doctor on the core faculty who works at KCOA. Most unique, of course, the fellow will spend time with Dr. Edoardo Monaco in Rome, Italy and Dr. Betrand Sonnery-Cottet in Lyon, France

The rotation schedule includes regular fellow’s didactics, a multi-disciplinary sports medicine journal club, resident and community teaching opportunities, anatomy labs, and research involvement. The robust year-round clinic exposure and rotations allows the fellow to consistently strengthen sports medicine knowledge base while developing skill sets to navigate the relationships required to help athletes return to play.

We look forward to shaping the future of sports medicine together. Please direct all inquiries to our Fellowship Program Coordinator Brecken Sigg, PA-C, ATC. fellowship@sanokc.com