Dr. Daggett performed the first needle arthroscopies in the country.  He was able to perform surgeries without general anesthesia using tools the size of a needle. This transformative technology, “Nanoscope” and “Nano Instruments,” allows us to re-define what “minimally invasive” surgery really is.

These patients suffered from common orthopedic knee conditions, including meniscus injuries and cartilage damage. Arthroscopy using traditional instruments is the current technique for such injuries.  Traditional knee arthroscopy includes general anesthesia, incisions using a scalpel for the 4mm arthroscope, 3-6 weeks recovery.

Needle Arthroscopy, however, uses no incisions, no suture, no general anesthesia.

Instead of general anesthesia, Dr. Daggett is able to use just local numbing medication with or without sedation depending upon the patient’s preferences. Patients can remain awake during the procedure while Dr. Daggett walks them through each step. No scalpel or suture is necessary for needle arthroscopy.  This allows us to treat patients in a previously un-described manner, leaving the operating room without incisions and instead, two bandages and incredibly rapid post-operative recovery.

In addition to Needle Arthroscopy, Dr. Daggett is also utilizing this tool for Needle Imaging, sometimes referred to in-office arthroscopy.

Dr. Daggett and Sano Orthopedics are focused on innovations like Needle Arthroscopy and Diagnostic Needle Imaging, to improve the patient experience and improve outcomes.

Contact us to schedule an appointment if you think needle arthroscopy may be a treatment path for you.